Garlic Harvest

Black River Organics is the learning farm for the Sustainable Agriculture program at Lorain County Community College. The Summer Crop Production students recently helped harvest garlic at the farm. Here are some pictures of their day!

This is what the garlic we planted in October looked like this morning. No, it’s not sick – it’s ready to harvest!

Garlic 1.JPG


First, we dug up the heads of garlic (gently!) with spading forks and removed most of the soil from the roots.

Garlic 2.JPG


We have some nice looking garlic this year. Krystal is stoked!

Garlic 3.JPG


Then we tied the heads in bunches so we can hang them in the barn to cure. They will be ready for sale in just a few weeks.

Garlic 4.JPG


These two LOVE garlic!



Nice job, gang!

Garlic 5.JPG

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