Blueberries in Recovery

Many of you know that the blueberry u-pick at Black River Organics was hit hard by the 17-year cicada last year. This year we are focusing on pruning away the damaged branches and nurturing the bushes as they put on new growth. In the case of blueberries, fruit grows on second year branches, so taking good care of the bushes now means a nice crop next year!

This is how most of our blueberry bushes look right now. As you can see, there are lots of dead branches, but some new growth (and even a few blueberries!), as well.

Here is a close up of the cicada damage. They scratch into the bark to lay their eggs.

cicada damage.JPG


We spent the day pruning, and will spend many more days pruning this summer, fall, and winter!

One row pruned and looking happy!

row of pruned blueberries.JPG

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