Seed Starting

Black River Organics Cooperative is off to a really good start this year.  Last Friday Ginnette and I started about 250 new heads of lettuce, kale plants, tomatoes and peppers.  Ginnette potted up some of the peppers she started earlier in February. We overwintered about 100 heads of lettuce and half a row of kale.  Both should be ready to harvest this coming week.  We have about 200 new heads of lettuce that we started in February and transplanted into one of our high tunnels two weeks ago.  They should be ready to harvest in three or four weeks.  We have some sugar snap peas that we started indoors which are 4″ tall now and some that we direct seeded that are just 1″ tall.  The peas should be ready in another 45 days.  I can’t wait!  I love the taste of sweet spring sugar snap peas.

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